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Blood Curling Halloween Themed Online Slots


Online slot machines are starting to replace land-based slot machines nowadays. The gamblers can play these slots from the comfort of their homes without having to travel long distances. With online slots, you have a wide selection of themes to go for. Halloween themes are one of them, especially when October is just around the corner.

These Halloween themes will keep you on your edge with their fun and scary elements. You can play these slots through Daftar joker today. You can sign up on Daftar joker and start playing your favorite Halloween games today. Let us now delve into some of these exciting themes for you this fall.

Under the Bed

The Boogeyman is every child’s worst nightmare. You won’t find the Boogeyman just under your bed but also in this themed slot. But there’s a twist to it; now it’s about finding handsome rewards. This game features about 30 paylines that are spread over the five reels, and it also includes some bonus features. The players can locate symbols like a young sister and brother named Jane and Jesse. They are trying to fight off the monsters that are coming from under the bed.

You will also find monsters that look similar to the ones from the “Monsters Inc” movie. Jane and Jesse are present on the reels’ side to make the experience more engaging. You can play this game for $0.02 a line at a minimum. Its highest payout may reach $1000. Scatter and wild symbols are also present but aren’t linked to any progressive type of jackpots.

Frankenstein Slots

Frankenstein is a classic from Mary Shelly and comes with many special features, including lightning and fire wilds. Net Entertainment produced and released the game back in 2011. However, after an update, the game reappeared back in 2016. One of its best features would be the free spins. Here, the players easily obtain 5x winnings. The maximum win on every spin goes to 875x. You can win it when all three symbols start appearing.

The RTP rate of this game is 96.70%. Players need to obtain three or more symbols of red mill scatter in any of its reels for triggering the feature of free spins. It activates ten free spins that are played within the separate reels. Users can also view the multiplier ladder present in the game’s left-hand corner. The game begins at the 1x basic and starts increasing till 5x every time the symbol lands or hit on the 5th reel within the free spins.

Psycho Slots

The Psycho Slots consists of an all-time horror classic online game. This game centers around the “Psycho” movie that Alfred Hitchcock created. You have an array of opportunities to win. It keeps the players around by keeping them interested at all times. The features and graphics of the game are a hit. The psycho slot consists of amazing wilds, bonuses, and re-spins.

This online slot machine features 5-reels and 25 paylines. Players win free spins when 2+ scatter symbols start appearing. Here, the symbols consist of a knife, a haunted home, and more. Its overall setting leans towards a great horror theme, including top-notch animations that give you an amazing experience.

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