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Why Play Online Slots Instead of On-land Slot Machines?

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If you ask anybody if they prefer a land-based slot machine or an online slot machine, many will choose the latter. Some may prefer a land-based slot machine; after all, not everything beats the old retro feeling of going and playing your favorite slot machine in a casino. Nevertheless, online slot cq9 games have become the new trend and for good reasons too. And over the years, more and more people are shifting to online slot machines rather than on-land slot machines.

The coming of online slot machines has made it easy to access the games whenever and wherever you want. You can now conveniently sit at home and play online slot cq9 games. But what are the differences between an online slot machine and a land-based slot machine? Why are online slot games relatively more popular? Let’s check out the differences below.


On-land slot machines are usually available in gambling sites such as casinos, pubs, hotels, and others. You need to insert a coin in the slot to play. After that, you pull the lever, and the reel starts to spin and come to a halt displaying random results on the reels. Online slot machines are similar to land-based slot machines. But the difference is that you can play anywhere if you have your PC, tablet, or phone with you. Unlike their counterpart that uses coins, you will have to deposit cash from your bank account to play.


This is where online slot machines take the prize. Online slot machines are a synonym for convenience. People who are socially awkward especially love online slot games as it means they don’t have to handle facing a huge crowd or having their space invaded. You don’t have to dress up to go to a local casino to play as you would with a land-based slot machine. You can even save time and money to travel to a local casino to play a slot game.

Variety of Slots

Another reason why online slot machines are very popular is the availability of slots, which is something land-based slot machines do not offer. There are so many types of slots to choose from, ranging from the classic 3 reel slots to progressive jackpots and multipliers. Some online slot games even offer up to 50 paylines. This gives players a higher chance of hitting a payout. Winning is what primarily draws players to participate in slot games in the first place. So, if you want a higher chance of winning, an online slot machine is your best bet.

Free Demo Slots

With online slot machines, you don’t have to immediately commit and sign up for a particular game to play. Almost every online slot machine features demo games to help players get a feel of the game before they decide to invest their time and money in it. On-land slot machines do not offer this convenience which makes it a less popular choice for players.

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