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No, do not worry. In Joker Poker is not about the dreaded cons thing the heroic defenders Gotham Cities. We are talking here rather from the classical Joker from card games. Mostly yes this has a very positive feature, such as the replacement of other, useless cards. But here the Joker from the same online slot can do much more. You want to know more? Then come into the Casino Club and try Joker Poker the same!

Do not be distracted by the muzak

At first glance, these are a fairly common casino game. A clear playing surface and permanently something stupid background music. But looking closely, there are really strong profits and a great bonus mode, which is not available to play poker with many other video.

Joker Poker can already with 25 cents per round play. This helps especially the newcomers. Because one has not always the same desire to invest full pipe. Not true? Sometimes you want it take things comfortably, before increasing gradually and eventually dusting the fun prize. This online slot that goes anyway very simple. If you are lucky on his side, nothing can go wrong really.

First of all, make sure you enter your real use. That’s using the menu on the lower half of the field. As I said, one must already be a 25 cent case. Maximum bet is € 5 per round. This can, however, still screws using so-called coins upwards. You can play up to five coins per spin and thus still screws his initial bet fivefold upward. So up to 25 € per round are possible.

Strategists can target specifically to a specific sheet

After you press “Map” and waiting for what is a so dealt. If you like the cards that you see in the center, you can stick with it and block certain cards, so that they are not replaced. That’s using the “Keep” button below the respective card. Then you still have an opportunity to replace the cards in your opinion inappropriate. So you can deliberately work towards a certain combination and you get your deserved reward.

Even a couple or a King grant you a profit. A lot of money but can only make good combinations. The highest of these combinations is the Royal Flush. When you play the maximum of 5 coins, waving here of 4000 times use! So at the 5e would for example € 20,000 you can get a Joker Poker at. For a simple card game that’s awesome, right? So off to the Casino Club!

What the casino club so special

At Casino Club is not just as to any online casino. After years of these providers has been the Roulette casino on the Internet. Here Roulette specialists have met and tried and tested their systems. The reason was the wide range of different roulette variants and various additional services for the players.

Today, the Casino Club is a very classic online casino that just a little has more Roulette variants on offer. When you sign up at Casino Club today, then you will get to know and play online slots a wide range of the most diverse casino.

Give it a try. For if you now by signing up at the casino club, then you get there not only an extensive range of games, but also several great bonus deals. Currently, for example, you get alone for your registration 10 euros paid no deposit, more free spins on this and a great first deposit bonus.

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